Narcissism is a pervasive social cancer trapping millions around the World in abusive relationships.

[Tunnel]Imagine walking through a tunnel. The light of entrance has faded to inky blackness and the light at the end has not yet appeared. There are railway lines running through the tunnel but these are hidden in the darkness. The ballast of the track bed is quite level but every so often there are uneven patches. Metal boxes and wires appear unexpectedly, threatening to trip us up. Occasionally there is the sound of water falling into drains, some protected by grates, others just open holes into an abyss of unknown depth. In the distance we begin to see light, but we also hear an eerie sound. Is it an approaching train? Is there somewhere safe that we can find shelter?

This is a picture of Stuart supporting one of his friends out of an emotionally abusive, narcissistic relationship, without prior experience or knowledge of narcissists or narcissism.

Equipped with nothing more than an abhorrence of injustice and a determination to ‘stick it out,’ Stuart finds himself on a journey of learning and experience like no other. We see the lessons he learns and the mistakes he makes.

We witness first-hand how unimaginably low narcissists will stoop to keep their fake mask intact and to win, using lies, deceit, defamation and disruption to destroy self-esteem and wellbeing. We see how they create financial dependence and potential bankruptcy for their victim and the victim’s supporter(s).

BUT we also see how heartbreak, diligence and defiance shape a victim into the narcissist’s greatest nightmare.

Escaping The Void is a message of hope to the hopeless, power to the powerless and a story of triumph for the underdog. We see how victims can blossom in adversity as they apply knowledge, understanding and courage to create an unstoppable force.

This clear, easy-to-understand, guide enables us to recognise narcissism and narcissistic abuse for what it is. We learn how to protect ourselves and find the best way to escape. We learn the real value of supporting victims out of emotionally abusive relationships.


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PLEASE NOTE: ESCAPING THE VOID (How to Support Victims Out of Emotionally Abusive Relationships) is available on Amazon as an eBook & as a paperback.

Narcissism is real

Narcissism is a global pandemic that seduces business, government and cultures with empty promises of status, power and significance.

It is dangerous, remaining hidden in plain sight. It is not always loud, proud and brash. It can be secretive and pervasive, digesting the fibre of relationships, destroying people, businesses and cultures from within, betraying everyone.

In the US, narcissistic behaviours cost the economy up to TWO MILLION DOLLARS PER MINUTE. In the UK the cost is around 44 THOUSAND POUNDS PER MINUTE.

Emotional abuse is real

Ignored, even denied by many, emotional abuse is real and a BIG problem that affects every area of life.

Some of those caught-up in the abusive cycle of narcissism know their plight but are too afraid to share their story with others for fear of being 'caught' by their abuser. Others, their situation unseen, even by close friends, survive from day-to-day, know something is wrong but are unable to pinpoint the problem. Many feel they are the problem.

Stuart Wood, the author, shares real-life examples that show the destructive impacts of narcissists on relationship, communication, trust and self-esteem. We also learn how this leaves victims isolated, afraid and unable to trust their own feelings and thoughts, eventually becoming totally dependent upon their abuser.

Some his true stories seem so far-fetched that not even Hollywood would believe them.

Escaping The Void helps you make sense of the mayhem and escape


Stuart unravels the mayhem to create a sense of order and a way to escape from abusive relationships. He identifies the signs and symptoms of narcissism so that we can protect ourselves against them and start to create our way to a new life.

He combines lessons learnt from his own research, making mistakes and listening to advice from legal and healthcare professionals, to show how to take back what has been stolen from us and apply it to create a new life, using best practices.

His clear, jargon-free, practical insight can be applied by victims and their supporters to become powerful weapons against narcissism wherever it arises and to create freedom from abuse.

The book is a valuable, practical guide for those who are helping, or want to help victims escape the void of a narcissistic relationship.

'I think this will be a great support to those coming out of an abusive relationship.'

Karin Walker - author of 'Divorcing a Narcissist: the Lure, the Loss, the Law.'

[Escaping The Void running man]Buy ESCAPING THE VOID on Amazon


PLEASE NOTE: ESCAPING THE VOID (How to Support Victims Out of Emotionally Abusive Relationships) is available on Amazon as an eBook & as a paperback.

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