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[Meet Stuart Wood Author of Escaping The Void]Stuart has seen and experienced the destructive impact of narcissism in academia, at work, in the community and amongst his friends. He is passionate about applying knowledge to create change, describing himself as 'someone who finds it incredibly difficult to be a spectator where abuse is involved.'

He says,

"I believe that narcissism is a hidden pandemic, insidiously weaving its way into the fabric of our lives and society. Once embedded, our conscience is seared and our sense of normal destroyed. We lose the ability to recognise abusive behaviour and even if we see it, we are reduced to impotent observers as the horrors play out before us. We feel powerless.

This is no coincidence. It is exactly how narcissism works. What better way to gain power than to make others feel powerless, take control of their minds and their lives, without them noticing. Abnormal becomes normal. Love becomes abuse. Relationships become prisons. One becomes master whilst the other becomes their slave. Realisation comes too late!

"Those who are trapped in the abusive cycle need supporting, so that they can find a way to escape. They already have the keys to their escape; our job is to help them find the lock and the way out.

"There is a saying, 'Faith without works is dead!' I hope that you will become part of an active global network of people who are committed to understanding and applying what is shared within Escaping The Void, so that we can immunise against the effects of narcissists in our families and homes, our places of work and leisure and ultimately, our culture."

More About Stuart

After gaining his PhD in neuroscience, Stuart Wood spent almost 20 years designing, writing and managing clinical trials. He later specialised in medical communications and education, a role created around his personable nature and ability to make complex ideas and processes easy to understand by his readers and listeners.

Since 2008, Stuart's own business has helped thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, to develop confidence through facing and overcoming their fears.

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PLEASE NOTE: ESCAPING THE VOID (How to Support Victims Out of Emotionally Abusive Relationships) is available on Amazon as an eBook & as a paperback.

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